Arrival at Lavinsel

The party arrives in Lavinsel City with Captain Brody Jacobson and the rookie Richard from the Light of Balrune. Brody enchants the rest of the party’s magic weaponry with a symbol to let others from his orders know that you have proven yourself to use these items responsibly. He warns that some of his order may ignore this. He also says that the party is free to stop by and ask favors of him in Lavinsel, where he will be posted for some time.

The group secured a room at the Skimmer, a floating inn. Nearly all of Lavinsel city is afloat, with wooden bridges leading from structure to structure. A few buildings line the coast, including a bazaar, some warehouses, and other temporary buildings. The owner of the Skimmer is Sam Kenway. He and his sons are very eager to serve the patrons and earn some coin. They have been quite poor since the mother, Olivia Kenway, died several years ago.

The party contacted the guard headquarters about the need for aid in Fleetshome. The leader of the Lavinsel Guard, an old man that goes by “Captain Chap”, escorted the party to the palace. Here, a member of the Lavinsel Family hears the request and shares it with Sarah and Oram Lavinsel, who are currently holding court and entertaining guests. A team of 15 guards are dispatched to Fleetshome to aid with defense. The party is rewarded with gold.

The party finds a merchant with forbidden magic items in the bazaar. The party purchases and trades items and gains a valuable contact in the Lavinsel underground trade.

The party realizes that they are being trailed by a member of the The Cerulean Guard. At the Skimmer, they are approached by a cloaked soldier. He asks them to aid him with a task, finding the cause of many disappearing fishermen in a nearby river. It turns out that the man is actually Oram Lavinsel, in disguise. The party agrees to help and is paid some gold in advance.



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