Sorry for the gap in posts! This will be a long one.

The party, curious about the snake bites, traveled to a mark on the map with snake fangs. There, they found a strange underground compound with human iconography that seemed to have been constructed by Dwarves. Inside, they found goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears that had been slain by snakes. They also discovered a strange “goblin snake” that could use arcane magic. This snake betrayed the goblinoids. Interrogating some goblinoid survivors, the party discovered that the goblin snake would meet with strange creatures by the river.

The party ambushed the river meeting, slaying the strange snake and later, several sahuagin that seemed to be dealing with him. They carried a pouch with an arcane spellbook and a payment of gold coins. Since the threat was ended, the goblinoids vowed to leave Fleetshome alone and stick to their previous territory.

Upon returning to Fleetshome, the party hears alarms sounding at the lumber camp. Running there, they find two ogres fighting lumberjacks and guards alike. The party quickly dispatches both, though there were injuries. One of the lumberjacks is hauled away but the party’s cleric (Phaed) offers his healing. Not knowing the difference between arcane and divine magics, the lumberjacks try to seize Phaed. After some discussion, the town monks are summoned. They confirm that Phaed is indeed a divine healer and that this magic is protected by Araliss law. The party also discovers that a young lumberjack, Kenneth, is also capable of divine healing. He was being held (comfortably) captive by the lumberjacks and was being asked to perform healings for them. The lumberjacks wanted to take advantage of his powers but did not want to openly use magic because they thought it illegal. Kenneth is freed and agrees to stay and heal anybody that needs it for a wage.

Benham, the town guard standing in for Argul, thought that the increased activity was threatening the small town. He requests that the party should go to Lavinsel city to ask for aid. Before the party leaves, Argul offers an heirloom longsword to the party that once held magic power.

The party leaves for Lavinsel. Before reaching the Great Road that leads to Lavinsel, the party hears fighting. They investigate and find a ruined town. In a building, members of the Light of Balrune have a woman cornered. The woman turned out to be a hag. She kills all but two members of the Light of Balrune. One is a rookie named Richard. The other is a captain named Brody Jacobson. These men join the party for Lavinsel.

Near the Great Road, the party makes camp. A small woodland creature steals the sword given by Argul, leaves payment in the form of an amulet, and runs off. Chasing the creature, the party finds it battling some violent thorny creatures at an ancient tree. The thief (a brownie) was trying to use the sword to fight off the thorny creatures. The brownie, Boto, is victorious and returns the sword. Larik offers his sword so that Boto can defend himself. In the presence of the ancient tree, the party’s items that have been drained of magic are now powered again, including Argul’s flaming sword and the strange, old sailor’s dagger the party found.

The party continues on to Lavinsel.



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