Strange Bites and the Abyssal Guard

The party left the town of Fleetshome to investigate some old ruins that were marked on the goblin map. Luckily, the group encountered no threats on the way to the ruins through the dangerous wilderness. The party found an old, ruined town upon arrival. A gang of goblins led by a hobgoblin and his bugbear guards and goblin dogs was found. Thinking quickly, the party used the weakened house to squash a large portion of the opposition (after Eirunion managed to fall through a rotting wall). The leader was brought down soon after. The party found another map here, similar to the first. They also found several valuables, including an old, ornate knife that was likely used by a religious sailor. It could fetch a good price from the right person. The party also discovered that many of the goblins had been injured, apparently by giant snake bites. They also noticed a fang mark on the map.

Upon returning to town, the party received a bounty and sold off their loot. A young boy summoned the party to the house of the Dwarven guard captain who had hired the party to keep his son from a member of the Abyssal Guard. Catherine, a member of the Guard, said that she would need to inspect the child. The party agreed that it was in the child’s best interest. She determined that the child had been born without a soul and would need to be taken by the Abyssal Guard. The Dwarf reluctantly agreed.



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