The Beginning

Araliss so far

Araliss has been around for as long as recorded history shows. It has always been a kingdom of primarily humans, though other races have existed here at different times. Now Araliss is sealed off from the elven and dwarven lands to the north by a great wall called the Northshield. Without the threat of the warring nations, Araliss has prospered from trading with lands accross the seas and focuses on expansion to the south in The Great Wilds. A recent war resulted in the removal of a king with great magic power, allowing the greater noble houses to gain influence and resulting in a nation-wide fear and hatred of arcane magic.

Our party finds themselves, through various means, in a logging camp outside of Lavinsel City which is known for its harbor and fleet of ships that funnel the economy of Araliss. The camp and the small town that support it are called Fleetshome. It provides much of the lumber used to build the ships of Lavinsel and is an integral resource.



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