The First Session

Our party gathered at Fleetshome and met at The Gilded Lamp, a local inn and tavern. A family of elves runs the inn here. The father, Aevar Vola’si, knew that his son had gone missing and asked the party to help. Evelis told the group that Vaelan, the missing young boy, likely visited the outfitter before going missing. Regis, the outfitter, said that Vaelan had gathered supplies and left to check out a cave not very far from town. Jacob knew the cave and led the party there. Many goblins were in the cave but the party managed to slay them and find Vaelan, tied up. The goblins had a map that showed details of Fleetshome.

Upon returning, Aevar gave his thanks for having his son returned to him and offered drinks and a night stay to the party. Argul, the captain of the guard, was also at the inn. He was very drunk and distraught over the recent death of his wife. He feared that a member of the Abyssal Guard would come and take his child and hired the party to scare them off. Jacob offered the child safety in his monastery. The party gave the map to Benham, a guard that is helping Argul while he recovers from his grief. Benham told the party that he would pay them for each goblin head and mentioned a set of old ruins nearby that might be inhabited by goblins. The party rests for the night and heads out in the morning, hoping that the Abyssal Guard will not come for Argul’s child until they’ve returned.



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