jakob Dulk

Elven monk


Alignment LN
saving throws
fort 3
ref 6
will 6

ability scores
str 16
dex 18
con 12
int 9
wis 19(+1 ability modifier included look at *in equipment)
cha 7

General info
Monk lvl-1
Size Medium
age 57
Height 6’8
weight 159
Bass att 0
Init 4

Acro 8, Climb 7, Perc 10, stealth 8

Racial feats
2 dex, +2 int, -2 con, Low light vision, immune to sleep spells and enchantments,2 vs saving throws for enchantments

class features
flurry of blows, Stunning fists, Unarmned strike, Bonus feat

weapon finesse

Masterwork crossbow, fists

Lantern, rope, flint, bedroll,Family pendant that was his mothers fathers (green snake with blue eyes) +1 ability modifier to wisdom, rations,


My Father was being attacked by a robber one night at our house. My mother was forced to use magic to stop him, instead of the robber dying my father died as well in a fire. The entire house was burned down. My mother was banished from the town and I was raised in a monastery. Being at such a young age I remembered nothing. I was told that she killed him in cold blood. I had learned the truth in my early 20’s and focused even harder on my studies and training in order to find and save my mother. After many years of training I am now ready to start searching for her.

Not much is known of the pendant from my mother, though when worn great power is felt. My mentor gave it to me when he told me of the truth about my parents. He didnt want me to rush off until i was closer to finishing my training in fear that I would run off and try to do something I was not ready for.

I prefer to use my fists in fighting. Though only when necessary I will use my crossbow. I feel that man made weapons are more of a burden to me and would only slow me down.

jakob Dulk

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