The Beginning
Araliss so far

Araliss has been around for as long as recorded history shows. It has always been a kingdom of primarily humans, though other races have existed here at different times. Now Araliss is sealed off from the elven and dwarven lands to the north by a great wall called the Northshield. Without the threat of the warring nations, Araliss has prospered from trading with lands accross the seas and focuses on expansion to the south in The Great Wilds. A recent war resulted in the removal of a king with great magic power, allowing the greater noble houses to gain influence and resulting in a nation-wide fear and hatred of arcane magic.

Our party finds themselves, through various means, in a logging camp outside of Lavinsel City which is known for its harbor and fleet of ships that funnel the economy of Araliss. The camp and the small town that support it are called Fleetshome. It provides much of the lumber used to build the ships of Lavinsel and is an integral resource.

The First Session

Our party gathered at Fleetshome and met at The Gilded Lamp, a local inn and tavern. A family of elves runs the inn here. The father, Aevar Vola’si, knew that his son had gone missing and asked the party to help. Evelis told the group that Vaelan, the missing young boy, likely visited the outfitter before going missing. Regis, the outfitter, said that Vaelan had gathered supplies and left to check out a cave not very far from town. Jacob knew the cave and led the party there. Many goblins were in the cave but the party managed to slay them and find Vaelan, tied up. The goblins had a map that showed details of Fleetshome.

Upon returning, Aevar gave his thanks for having his son returned to him and offered drinks and a night stay to the party. Argul, the captain of the guard, was also at the inn. He was very drunk and distraught over the recent death of his wife. He feared that a member of the Abyssal Guard would come and take his child and hired the party to scare them off. Jacob offered the child safety in his monastery. The party gave the map to Benham, a guard that is helping Argul while he recovers from his grief. Benham told the party that he would pay them for each goblin head and mentioned a set of old ruins nearby that might be inhabited by goblins. The party rests for the night and heads out in the morning, hoping that the Abyssal Guard will not come for Argul’s child until they’ve returned.

Strange Bites and the Abyssal Guard

The party left the town of Fleetshome to investigate some old ruins that were marked on the goblin map. Luckily, the group encountered no threats on the way to the ruins through the dangerous wilderness. The party found an old, ruined town upon arrival. A gang of goblins led by a hobgoblin and his bugbear guards and goblin dogs was found. Thinking quickly, the party used the weakened house to squash a large portion of the opposition (after Eirunion managed to fall through a rotting wall). The leader was brought down soon after. The party found another map here, similar to the first. They also found several valuables, including an old, ornate knife that was likely used by a religious sailor. It could fetch a good price from the right person. The party also discovered that many of the goblins had been injured, apparently by giant snake bites. They also noticed a fang mark on the map.

Upon returning to town, the party received a bounty and sold off their loot. A young boy summoned the party to the house of the Dwarven guard captain who had hired the party to keep his son from a member of the Abyssal Guard. Catherine, a member of the Guard, said that she would need to inspect the child. The party agreed that it was in the child’s best interest. She determined that the child had been born without a soul and would need to be taken by the Abyssal Guard. The Dwarf reluctantly agreed.


Sorry for the gap in posts! This will be a long one.

The party, curious about the snake bites, traveled to a mark on the map with snake fangs. There, they found a strange underground compound with human iconography that seemed to have been constructed by Dwarves. Inside, they found goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears that had been slain by snakes. They also discovered a strange “goblin snake” that could use arcane magic. This snake betrayed the goblinoids. Interrogating some goblinoid survivors, the party discovered that the goblin snake would meet with strange creatures by the river.

The party ambushed the river meeting, slaying the strange snake and later, several sahuagin that seemed to be dealing with him. They carried a pouch with an arcane spellbook and a payment of gold coins. Since the threat was ended, the goblinoids vowed to leave Fleetshome alone and stick to their previous territory.

Upon returning to Fleetshome, the party hears alarms sounding at the lumber camp. Running there, they find two ogres fighting lumberjacks and guards alike. The party quickly dispatches both, though there were injuries. One of the lumberjacks is hauled away but the party’s cleric (Phaed) offers his healing. Not knowing the difference between arcane and divine magics, the lumberjacks try to seize Phaed. After some discussion, the town monks are summoned. They confirm that Phaed is indeed a divine healer and that this magic is protected by Araliss law. The party also discovers that a young lumberjack, Kenneth, is also capable of divine healing. He was being held (comfortably) captive by the lumberjacks and was being asked to perform healings for them. The lumberjacks wanted to take advantage of his powers but did not want to openly use magic because they thought it illegal. Kenneth is freed and agrees to stay and heal anybody that needs it for a wage.

Benham, the town guard standing in for Argul, thought that the increased activity was threatening the small town. He requests that the party should go to Lavinsel city to ask for aid. Before the party leaves, Argul offers an heirloom longsword to the party that once held magic power.

The party leaves for Lavinsel. Before reaching the Great Road that leads to Lavinsel, the party hears fighting. They investigate and find a ruined town. In a building, members of the Light of Balrune have a woman cornered. The woman turned out to be a hag. She kills all but two members of the Light of Balrune. One is a rookie named Richard. The other is a captain named Brody Jacobson. These men join the party for Lavinsel.

Near the Great Road, the party makes camp. A small woodland creature steals the sword given by Argul, leaves payment in the form of an amulet, and runs off. Chasing the creature, the party finds it battling some violent thorny creatures at an ancient tree. The thief (a brownie) was trying to use the sword to fight off the thorny creatures. The brownie, Boto, is victorious and returns the sword. Larik offers his sword so that Boto can defend himself. In the presence of the ancient tree, the party’s items that have been drained of magic are now powered again, including Argul’s flaming sword and the strange, old sailor’s dagger the party found.

The party continues on to Lavinsel.

Arrival at Lavinsel

The party arrives in Lavinsel City with Captain Brody Jacobson and the rookie Richard from the Light of Balrune. Brody enchants the rest of the party’s magic weaponry with a symbol to let others from his orders know that you have proven yourself to use these items responsibly. He warns that some of his order may ignore this. He also says that the party is free to stop by and ask favors of him in Lavinsel, where he will be posted for some time.

The group secured a room at the Skimmer, a floating inn. Nearly all of Lavinsel city is afloat, with wooden bridges leading from structure to structure. A few buildings line the coast, including a bazaar, some warehouses, and other temporary buildings. The owner of the Skimmer is Sam Kenway. He and his sons are very eager to serve the patrons and earn some coin. They have been quite poor since the mother, Olivia Kenway, died several years ago.

The party contacted the guard headquarters about the need for aid in Fleetshome. The leader of the Lavinsel Guard, an old man that goes by “Captain Chap”, escorted the party to the palace. Here, a member of the Lavinsel Family hears the request and shares it with Sarah and Oram Lavinsel, who are currently holding court and entertaining guests. A team of 15 guards are dispatched to Fleetshome to aid with defense. The party is rewarded with gold.

The party finds a merchant with forbidden magic items in the bazaar. The party purchases and trades items and gains a valuable contact in the Lavinsel underground trade.

The party realizes that they are being trailed by a member of the The Cerulean Guard. At the Skimmer, they are approached by a cloaked soldier. He asks them to aid him with a task, finding the cause of many disappearing fishermen in a nearby river. It turns out that the man is actually Oram Lavinsel, in disguise. The party agrees to help and is paid some gold in advance.


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