Light of Balrune

Balrune was a human champion that slayed the Sorcerer King. Balrune was also killed in the fight. The Light of Balrune quickly gained support after Jaramon was slain. They were originally called the Lightbringers but changed their name to honor Balrune’s sacrifice.

The Light of Balrune is dedicated to eradicating arcane magic in Araliss. The use of arcane magic is now outlawed. All arcane magic users were put in collars that disabled their magic powers. Any newly discovered arcane magic users are immediately collared by the Light of Balrune.

Members of the Light of Balrune use a crystal called Arcanite to detect arcane magic. They burn the crystals in a silver lantern and arcane auras become visible. Members also wear medallions that boosts their resistance to magic.

Publicly the Light of Balrune allows the use of divine magic but some of the more zealous members distrust it almost as much.

The Hall of Lanterns, the headquarters of the Light of Balrune, is located in Belmar City.

Light of Balrune

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