A tall, dark-haired, male elf in elven chainmail and wearing an elven cloak. He has an elven curve blade in a scabbard on his back.


Level 5 elven fighter
Age: 116 Height: 6’ 3" Weight: 179 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Green

Str: 14, Dex: 18, Con: 12, Int: 15, Wis: 12, Cha: 11

HP: 48. F: +3, R: +4, W: +1 Init: +4 BAB: +5
AC: 21 = 10 + 6(armor) + 0(shield) + 4(dex) +1(Dodge feat)
Touch AC: 15
Flat-footed AC: 16
Armor Check Penalty: -1
Spell failure: 20%

Skills (Includes Armor Check Penalty)
Acrobatics: +5
Bluff: +1
Climb: +5
Diplomacy: +1
Handle Animal: +4
Intimidate: +4
Knowledge (dungeoneering): +6
Knowledge (engineering): +6
Knowledge (nature): +8
Perception: +4
Perform (dance): +2
Profession (sailor): 5
Profession (soldier): +5
Sense Motive: +2
Stealth: +14
Survival: +9
Swim: +6

Elven Curve Blade (Vine-Bite): 12
Unarmed Strike +9
Dagger +9
Composite Longbow (
2Str) +9
Improvised +5

Quick Draw
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus: Curve Blade
Combat Expertise
Improved Disarm
Improved Unarmed Strike

Elven Grace: You embody the subtle grace that characterizes the elven race. You have a +1 trait bonus to Stealth and Acrobatics, and one of those skills (Stealth) is always a class skill for you.
Ranger Training: You have trained with the elven rangers. The wilderness holds no fear for you. Gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival. One of those skills (Knowledge (nature)) is always a class skill for you.
Substituted “Woodcraft” for the “Elven Magic” racial quality. +1 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks improving to +2 in the forest.

masterwork elven curve blade
elven chainmail
elven cloak (5 to Stealth)
sturdy boots
composite longbow (
2 STR)
travelling gear
warm, sturdy clothes
Vine-Bite (+1 elven curve blade of Shock)
Fane elven collar.

Common, Elven, Sylvan, and Orc


Eirunion is an elven swordsman who was born and raised in the elven village of Estelamar (“Home of Hope”). The elven inhabitants of the village live in tree houses connected by rope bridges in a grove of ancient oaks. The village is isolated by its location as well as by the reclusive nature of the elves that live there.

Eirunion uses an elven curve blade in a style that relies on finesse rather than brute force. This is the traditional elven style and includes the art of Tal-lang (quickdraw). Eirunion is much more of a swordsman than a woodsman. He often carries both a composite longbow with an extra strong draw as well as an elven long knife. Currently he wears elvish-made chainmail and an elvish cloak when on campaign.

He has always been fascinated by the elven curve blade. He started training with one at a very young (for an elf) age. As an attempt to break Eirunion of this obvious obsession, his father sent him to train with the border guard (gwaith-ram) when he was old enough. The border guard is a group of elven rangers who protect the region of Araliss around Estelamar. The idea worked – sort of. He became skilled in woodcraft, though his heart is obviously still that of a swordsman. He’ll never be a ranger, but he has picked up some of their knowledge and has learned that there’s more to life than sword training.

The collaring was not as traumatic for Eirunion as it was for others in Estelamar. His magic had always been weak compared to that of other elves. Still, he resents what he sees as an oppression of his people by non-elves. He understands he must follow the law, but he considers it an unjust law and would support any legitimate movement to change it. As a result of his bitterness, Eirunion has a strong antipathy for most humans, especially those that are nobles or serve the noble caste.

Prior to now Eirunion was slightly xenophobic, but he’s starting to learn that the other races are just very different – not bad. He’s worked with human rangers and spoken with human farmers though he still dislikes human nobles He has seen that those humans who aren’t noble are just as oppressed as his own people in their own way. He’s met some dwarven foresters as well and found their company not disagreeable. He hasn’t had contact with any urban humans or dwarves though. Eirunion has only seen a half-elf once but found her and her music very intriguing. While serving with the rangers, he learned to speak the language of forest beings (Sylvan) as well as the language of the orcs.

While not a leader himself, Eirunion will function well with a good leader. He’ll take direction well and can improvise when necessary. He understands tactics and is now learning strategy. He’s becoming less of a weapon and more of a soldier.

Eirunion has just mustered out of the rangers and is now looking for work. He understands the soldier’s life. At this point he is just hoping to find honorable work somewhere.

His father, Sithion, is still alive and lives in Estelamar. Sithion is retired from the rangers and has taken up the life of a druid. He now spends his time tending the great trees and growing rare plants for both medicinal and aesthetic purposes.

His mother, Thenidiel, disappeared many years ago. She was an elven wizard. When the purge of arcane spell users came about, Thenidiel quietly slipped away. Sithion has hinted that she might’ve gone back to the elven homelands (if this is at all possible). Her departure was voluntary, but no one has heard from her in the decade since the collaring.

Eirunion has an older brother, Limdur, who also became a ranger. He left Araliss a long time ago (pre-collaring) on his own purposes and has not returned. Limdur probably wouldn’t recognize Araliss if he came home today. There is also a younger brother, Eglerion, who seems even less-suited to the life of a ranger than Eirunion. Eglerion is very bookish. He likes to find things out, and has started studying things he shouldn’t. He’s not old enough yet (by elven standards) to have chosen a profession, but his obvious interest in arcane magic is worrisome to their father and embarrassing to Eirunion.


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